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Hussmann® Products


Red River Refrigeration has now become a distributor and service provider of the Hussmann® refrigeration line of equipment. Since 1906, Hussmann has provided innovative products, services, and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh foods. It is recognized throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing, selling, installing, and servicing display equipment and refrigeration systems for customers in the retail food industry.

Hussmann’s products include refrigerated and non-refrigerated display merchandisers, specialty display cases, self-contained display cases, LED lighting, glass doors and lids, refrigeration systems, and other related products. A full list of products is available on their site.

Red River Refrigeration encourages you to contact us to learn more about the Hussmann products and how we can help you meet your refrigeration needs. Red River Refrigeration will represent the Hussmann equipment for the North and South Dakota area. To order parts, please have your Hussmann model number and serial number, and call us at 1-877-553-1418.